Did you come here for the hack poetry. Dammit. Fine, I'll put some down at the bottom of the page.

However, most of my writing can be found either at my old Wordpress blog (not updated for a while and concerning a lot of my time farming in Japan) or my new Medium blog (not updated much there either). Or Twitter.

Ok. So for the poetry. I'm probably going to regret this, but here goes:

Uncoil from around this brown earth
And dash yourself against these rocks
With force to move a hundred men.
Rely upon companion gusts
To dictate your color and mood.
Make heard your rhythmic roar and hiss.
Within your cadence resides Time.
There's a cat whose house is two doors down;
It has two names due to fortune and fate,
And it visits my house from time to time.
I say it's mine when visitors come by,
But I couldn't say where it goes at night.
Nor could I tell you its feelings on names,
Though it doesn't seem to mind having two.
Maybe it's a different cat two doors down:
Independent and aloof around them.
Maybe it eats its dinner leisurely,
Careful to savor each bite of tuna.
Two Haiku

Spring slowly gives way.
A season's hinge brings about
The hot summer rains.

In the cool stream are
Two fish swimming side by side
Content with the Spring.